Willie Kickett

Willie Kickett’s commitment is paving the pathway for a successful career. Throughout the past four years, Willie has always put up his hand to assist in the Mill when employees go on leave or if extra assistance is required, often during holiday periods. Willie’s commitment and desire to gain full-time employment has now paid off, as he recently completed a Certificate II in Ore Processing. “While training as an Ore Processing Operator, I worked throughout the plant, learning about different places and different things and after I completed the 12-month training course, I now have my ticket,” Willie said. “It’s a good job. You’ve got some days when you can struggle, but you have to push through, and some days you have fun. Every job’s a good job, and I like working with the people around me, they’re supportive and teach me a lot. Sometimes I get lost, and don’t know what I’m doing, so I call them up for help, they come around and show me what to do. Some things I can do on my own now, some things I’m still learning about. “Working away from family is sad sometimes but we have to do it to pay the bills. My wife and I have five kids. I’m out here to so they can have a better life and opportunity than I had. Out here, everyone is on the same boat as me – you make friends, we’re a bit of a family here. “Since I’ve been working out here, the main thing that’s changed about me is I’m taking more responsibilities, accepting the challenges that come along. I’ve got more respect for safety, it’s a big thing here, looking after yourself and the people around you. “For those who come here to work, the main thing I’d tell them is to get along with everyone, treat them the way you want to be treated, do your work, learn, concentrate and, if you get lost, don’t be afraid to ask questions.”