Search for Gold Continues

Telfer’s Community Relations team and Open Pit operations contactor MacMahon are working closely together to identify new riches of a different kind at Telfer. MacMahon Recruitment Team Leader Mark Mullins, and Recruitment Advisor Fleur Druett were on site recently, meeting potential new employees to add to the workforce talent on site at Telfer.

The Community Relations team had earlier identified candidates for an Indigenous Green Dump Truck Operator Intake Program, and Mark and Fleur were keen to provide opportunities for Martu men and women to enhance the talent and diversity of the MacMahon team at Telfer.

The Green Program offers a pathway for people who have not driven 240-tonne dump trucks previously, and is a unique opportunity for MacMahon to train people specifically to work to the company’s values. “The reason we want people who haven’t driven trucks before is because people from other mine sites may have picked up some bad habits. We’re looking for people with the right attitude,” Mark Mullins said. “People with no experience and the right attitude are preferable to experienced applicants with the wrong attitude.”

The Search for New Talent ~ with the Right Attitude Various interview techniques may be used, including some testing, semi-formal interviews and informal chats. MacMahon Recruitment Team Leader Mark Mullins says that getting to know people’s values and attitudes requires different strategies. “It’s all about getting to know the real person,” Mark said. He finds personal conversations the most valuable and understands that most people feel nervous when they are being interviewed.

“As long as people show the right values, and the right attitude, then we can teach them how to drive trucks,” he said. About 90 percent of Green Program trainees stay on at Telfer. “Trainees stay longer because they have the right attitude, and training creates team members who are the right fit for MacMahon’s and for Newcrest long-term,” Mark said.

MARK’S INTERVIEW TIPS: Relax and let the interviewers get to know who you are; and be honest and patient during the intake days.

Recruitment Advisor Fleur Druett often visits site with Mark as they continue looking for the right people to enrich their production and maintenance teams at Telfer. Fleur is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for people who live in the region and enhancing the talent and diversity within MacMahon’s through Newcrest’s Community Relations team.

She knows that selecting the right people is a combination of finding the right employees for MacMahons, and the right fit for the applicants. “We want it to work out for everyone,” she said.

During her site visit, Fleur was looking forward to the best candidates being selected to move forward with the training program. “We have some excellent talent here today and I’m sure we’re going to find some ideal candidates to train as operators.”

FLEUR’S CANDIDATE TIPS: A genuine interest in mining and operations; good work ethics; and an understanding of the hard work required.