Pushing through is Lloyd’s key

Lloyd Kwilla is up for the challenge. Lloyd recently completed a 12-month traineeship with the Fixed Plant Maintenance department at Telfer as a Trades Assistant, which has given him the tools and confidence to take the next step in his career. Lloyd has always had a passion for working on the tools and especially vehicles, and recently was given an opportunity to move across to the Light Vehicle workshop to develop his skills. He is currently responsible for operating the service truck, which refuels the generator sets around site, and is also working in the workshop assisting with vehicle servicing and tyre fitting, a challenge which he is enjoying. “It can be hard when you’re working at a mine site, especially when you’re an indigenous bloke who doesn’t have much communication with people working here,” said Lloyd. “But what made me stay here, and learning and pushing myself, was my kids. If I don’t have a job, my kids will miss out on things like I didn’t have when I was a kid. “When I started working at Telfer, I could see my kids going to school and they were getting things that they wanted. I’m now providing for my kids and their one of the reasons that I’m here – because of my kids. “They look at me as their father, they see how hard it was, how it changed my life. I’m not a person who drinks a lot. They see me living in town, with bills to pay like everyone else. “It can be hard for indigenous people, you know, living remotely, very isolated, but when you’re living in town, you have to be on your feet, know what you’re spending, and that’s what I learned. Telfer made me who I am now. Working makes you feel proud, you feel good about yourself. But, the main thing is you have to stick at it. “Things can be easy, things can be hard, things can pull you down at home, but you have to keep pushing yourself. What if I go back to my old ways? What would my kids think of me? Certain things will happen. But what if I push myself? I don’t know what will happen in the future, but what I do know is I’ve got a job. And that’s all that matters for me now.”