Mark Yeeda

Hard Work is paying off for Mark Yeeda. Two years ago, Mark Yeeda began casual work at Telfer, working as a member of the Weeds and Seeds management program and as a Mill Shutdown Sentry worker. Throughout Mark’s first 12 months at Telfer, he was given opportunities to experience different areas of the business, before being offered a full-time Martu Traineeship as a Trades Assistant with the Ore Processing department in November 2016. Each week, Mark travels in and out of Telfer from Bidyadanga, a 700km one-way road trip that takes about 8 hours to complete. As part of Mark’s Traineeship, he worked closely with the Telfer Training department to complete a Certificate II in Resource Development. Mark is developing well and has become an important member of the Ore Processing team at Telfer. In an earlier interview, Mark offered good advice for anyone who approached him about the prospect of working at Telfer. “I would tell them its good out there, if you want something new in your life, go out to Telfer and get new experiences,” Mark said. “It could help turn your life around and might give you an opportunity to be a better person, like give you a better job, and earn some money for your family. “But, they must behave themselves when they’re at Telfer, and not drink too much alcohol, or better still, just don’t drink. They’ll just find it much better if they go there and be clean every day. It’ll build their confidence, with no hangover. “At work, it’s pretty much the same: keep yourself reliable at all times and try not to get slack. “Impress your boss and, if you want to keep your job, just do whatever you’ve got to do. Just don’t do silly things, get slack or whatever, just continue to work hard out there.”