Jonah Bennett

JONAH BENNETT has shown colleagues he’s ready to accept his new challenge, as Telfer’s first Martu apprentice.

A year ago, Jonah began work on site at Telfer as a Martu trainee Trades Assistant in the Fixed Plant Maintenance department. Prior to that assignment, Jonah worked as an Underground Belt Sampler, a Shutdown worker, and as a Weeds and Seeds technician.

The past 12 months have provided Jonah with the platform he needed to take the exciting next step of commencing a fouryear apprenticeship as a Mechanical Fitter. Jonah has since had great support from his colleagues in the Fixed Plant Maintenance department beginning his formal training early this year.

Jonah is from the Bidyadanga community, and first worked at Telfer in late 2015.

“As a trainee I have learnt so much in the past two years,” Jonah said. “Over that time, I’ve worked here and there. Everything’s worked out for me and though it was sometimes hard, I was very happy to have passed my 12 months traineeship.

“My next big challenge is to succeed in my apprenticeship, and I’m going to fight hard for it.

“Since I started work at Telfer, my life at home has changed. To succeed at Telfer, you need to have a good attitude to work. I have had to push myself harder and harder to get to the next level, to get to the next stage.

“My family are happy I’m here. Sometimes it’s really hard for all of us.

I’m missing their birthdays and school assemblies, but work is important to get somewhere in life.”