Jennifer Happy in Work and Role

Now into her second year working as a Kitchen Hand for ESS at Telfer, Jennifer enjoys the pace of the work and the company of everyone around her.

“We’re learning about hospitality, about food and working safety with food,” Jennifer said. “I’m permanently in the kitchen, and some days we do different tasks. My shift is two weeks on, one week off, and the shifts rotate through days and nights.

“My extended family at Roebourne, the mothers and grandmothers, are very happy I’m working at Telfer. The fact I’m working lifts the spirits of everyone back at home, they see me as a role model for the younger women in Roebourne. It’s not always easy leaving home and coming to Telfer, working hard, and being away from family. Many Aboriginal people find it very hard, but I’m coping really well and I’m used to it. I’ve done this type of work before, at sites elsewhere in Australia.

“Telfer is a good environment to work in. You need to keep up with the pace of the operations and communication between everybody is so important. I really like it. We all get on really well. I’ve done a lot of different jobs in my life, and Telfer is at the top, I reckon. It’s a long journey from home to Telfer, but that’s enjoyable too, it’s great country.”