Jackson Ware rates Telfer 10/10

JACK WARE is very enthusiastic about his role as a dump truck operator at Telfer.

Originally from Torres Strait, Jack (better known in Telfer as Jackson) moved to Townsville in 1998. He is married with three teenage children.

Jackson, a painter by trade, eventually moved to Port Hedland as a contractor, then accepted an invitation to enter the mining industry as a trainee truck driver through Birra Manpower.  “It’s been a great opportunity to meet new people,” said Jackson. From his family’s perspective, Jackson said, the new work helped them financially get where they wanted to go.

Smiling broadly, Jackson said “I’ve been here for Newcrest at Telfer since 2014 and I’ve loved it. “ Jackson’s swing is two weeks on and one week off. However, he takes advantage of overtime opportunities where possible. Jackson’s teenage children understand the reality of the swing shifts, and they make the most of spending a lot of time doing things together when he is home.

Jackson loves his work as a dump truck operator.  He said: “I love it. I think it’s everybody’s dream job to drive a very giant machine that carries 240 tonne of dirt.”  He credits his enjoyment and success to a combination of good training and the solid relationships he has formed with his Telfer team members. “Telfer is a good place,”  he said. ”It’s really good to work here.  This is my first mine site and even though work is on a big scale, it can be easy.”

Jackson enjoys sharing his experience of working at Telfer with newcomers to site: “I tell all the single workers that come along, it’s a good opportunity to start saving and get where you want to be and get what you want.”  Jackson suggests that you can set and achieve goals for yourself, thanks to the enormous financial benefits on offer at Telfer.

“It’s hard at times, but the main reason you come here is to make money for yourself and gain experience.  But, it’s not just the money – there are other benefits including further employment opportunities, experience, and making friends with many different people.

Jackson’s tips for success at Newcrest: “Like any job, you need to follow rules, and help each other out to make work easier for yourself. Show yourself to be a valuable employee with whom people enjoy working, so that you may be recognised for training and other opportunities. How does he rate working at Telfer? A solid “10 out of 10!”  said Jackson.