Telfer seeks Certification under international cyanide code

Newcrest Mining Limited has signed the International Cyanide Management Code, which outlines a number of standards that companies must meet in order to achieve certification under the code.
It symbolises “best practice” within the international community.
The “International Cyanide Management Code For the Manufacture, Transport, and Use of Cyanide in the Production of Gold” was developed by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee under the guidance of the United Nations Environmental Program and the-then International Council on Metals and the Environment.
The code is a voluntary industry programme for gold mining companies, and those companies that are involved with production and transport of cyanide-to-gold mining companies.
The code focuses exclusively on the safe management of cyanide.
Companies that adopt the code as signatories must have their operations, which manufacture cyanide, transport cyanide or use cyanide to recover gold, audited by an independent third party to determine their status of compliance.
Those operations that meet the code’s requirements can be certified and use a unique trademark symbol, which identifies the operation as certified.
Audit results are made public to inform stakeholders of the status of cyanide management practices at the certified operation.
The objective of the code is to improve the management of cyanide used in gold mining and assist in the protection of human health and the reduction of environmental impacts.
The code is managed by the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI).
For further information about the code, refer to

What is Telfer doing to reduce risks of cyanide exposure?
Telfer has appointed a team of professionals to ensure actions identified for Code compliance are implemented to make Telfer compliant with the ICMC and achieve Code certification. The team has adopted a number of strategies to minimise risk to workers, the community and the environment.  These include:
✔  Preparation of a comprehensive Cyanide Emergency Response Plan
✔  Conducting decontamination mock exercises with Emergency Response team and  medics
✔  Conducting cyanide emergency exposure mock exercises with site personnel including the plant, Emergency Response and medical teams
✔  Communicate Telfer’s response plans to RFDS and SES
✔  Ensuring our suppliers and transporters are Code compliant
✔  Stock our medical facilities with cyanide antidotes.

What is Telfer doing to prevent impacts of cyanide on the environment?
Telfer operates under a strict environmental licence covered under Ministerial Statement 606. The cyanide facilities have been constructed to protect against environmental releases or capture and contain any spills that may occur. Protective measures include:
✔  Double containment for liquids that contain cyanide
✔  Double containment for strong cyanide pipelines
✔  Excess capture and storage dams and facilities for extreme weather events
✔  Regular and frequent inspections, operational and maintenance
✔  Instrumentation and monitoring
✔  Construction of Tailings Storage Facility that meet Australian Standards and ICMC.