A Decade of Service

Greg Connors’ Newcrest branded cap explains something about the man. It’s a precious symbol of his 10 years’ commitment to the Company and his working career at Telfer, during which he has undertaken many roles and tasks in areas across the mine site’s operations. Greg is currently a serviceman and tyre fitter at Telfer, where all tyres from size 24 or less are repaired or replaced as necessary. “Changing a tyre can be a big job,” Greg explained. “It can be dangerous because the tyre holds stored energy. You’ve got to be careful about how you fit them, and if the tyre comes off, the problem comes back to us because we actually fitted the tyre. I’ve seen a tyre explode, and it is scary.” Greg also works on a service truck, and we go around and complete all the fuel-ups around the site and checking every generator, fire pump and communications tower for all the radios on site, making sure they’re all working well. “I have a very enjoyable job. It’s the best job. We get to do everything, we’re always everywhere, doing different job every day. “And the people I work with it at Telfer are all good. We’ve got a good workshop here and all the boys help us. And, we see new Aboriginal men and women arriving at Telfer to work and we help them too. It’s good to see all the Martu working here, I’m Martu myself, from Wiluna. They all bring the right attitude to work. Mining jobs aren’t for everyone, it doesn’t matter what colour you are, but if you want to learn more skills, it’s a good place to be.