Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities A major pillar of Newcrest’s commitments to the Martu is in providing training and employment opportunities. Newcrest and its contractors have employed several hundred Aboriginal people at Telfer, many of whom are from the mine’s neighbouring Martu communities. Newcrest invests significant time, energy and resources into creating opportunities, promoting, encouraging and supporting the attainment of meaningful occupation for Martu.

Newcrest has a dedicated Community Relations team who assist in the formalities of securing employment. Our Training and Employment Officers act as guides and mentors for all Aboriginal workers onsite at Telfer. Currently, Newcrest and its contractors employ about 100 Aboriginal people at Telfer in many different areas, including:

  •  Community Relations – Officers, Drivers and Mentors
  •  Administration• Road Crew – Machine Operators, Road Control
  • Open Pit – Machine Operators
  • Light Vehicle Workshop
  • Laboratory• Security
  • Geology – Pit Technicians
  • Ore Processing – Labourers, Trade Assistants• Fixed Plant Maintenance – Electrical & Fitter Apprentices, Trade Assistants, Sentries• Village – Maintenance, Kitchen, Cleaning• Underground – Operators, Samplers• Heritage
  • Environment – Rehabilitation, Machinery Operators, Gardeners, Weeds Management If you are interested in finding out more about employment and training opportunities at Telfer please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and get in contact with one of our Aboriginal Employment Support Officers.